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BOM Tools Suite:  An Add-in for Microsoft Excel simplifying spreadsheet work with Bills-of-Material and other structured tables/lists

Menu Ribbon of all BOM Tools Suite Functions
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Our Add-in provides 20 time-saving functions covering over 250 use cases for Bill of Material Management, Formatting, and Analysis.


Ribbon - Formatting Functions

Make tables easier to navigate.
Find what you need.

Customize the appearance.


Filter tools delete, hide, or highlight what you want or don’t want.

Precisely Replace what you don’t need.

Manage tables using unique identifiers.
Automate the generation of outline structure ID, e.g.

Associate each line with it’s next higher assembly.

Smart sorting can sort an outline structure ID, e.g.


Ribbon - BOM Analysis Functions

Generate Rollup Equations.

Weighted Averages.
Maturity Projections.
Extended Quantities.

and Check Structure.

Ribbon - BOM Management Functions


In many engineering functions, Bills of Material (BOMs) are downloaded from an enterprise Product Data Management (PDM) system to a spreadsheet for analysis at which point the engineer may need to:

  • Format the BOM, e.g. group rows

  • Filter items that don't effect higher level analyses

  • Apply engineering parameters, e.g.

    • Mass properties, Mass, CG, Moments of Inertia

    • Material Cost

  • Analyze the BOM at multiple levels 

  • Answer questions like,

    • Which subsystem weighs the most? 

    • Will the system achieve cost goals?

    • What is the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)?

    • What is the Operational Availability?

    • What is the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)?

The tools in the BOM Tools Suite are useful in many of the 'ilities' and other engineering analyses, e.g.

  • Reliability, e.g.

    • Mean Time Between Failures, MTBF

    • Mean Time Between Maintenance, MTBM

  • Maintainability,

    • Mean Time To Repair, MTTR

  • Availability, Operational (Ao), Inherent (Ai)

  • Supportability

  • Maintenance Ratio, MR

  • Mass Properties, Centers of Gravity, CG

  • Affordability / Cost Engineering

    • Material Cost

    • Labor Cost

  • Material Planning

  • Project Management and hierarchies of tasks and subtasks

Have confidence in your data.

Have confidence in your analysis.

Have confidence in your decisions.

Better decisions means happier customers. 

Just think...a few clicks in your spreadsheet can change the world.

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