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Click on any of the icons below to view a tutorial of that function.

BOM Formatting

ICON - Group Rows

Group Rows

ICON - Highlight Rows

Highlight Rows

ICON - Indent Rows

Indent Rows

ICON - Bold Rows

Bold Rows

ICON - Clear Formats

Clear Formats

BOM Management

ICON - Filter Tools


ICON - Replace


ICON - Check for Duplicates

Check for Duplicates

ICON - Generate Structure ID

Structure ID

ICON - Generate Unique ID

Unique ID

ICON - Generate Next Higher Assembly

Next Higher Assembly

ICON - Add sequence column to table


ICON - Sort by Structure ID

Sort by Structure ID

ICON - Sort by Next Higher Assembly

Sort by Next Higher Assembly

ICON - Scramble Rows in Table


BOM Analysis

ICON - Generate Rollup Equations

Rollup Equations

ICON - Generate Weighted Average Equations

Weighted Average

ICON - Generate Maturity Projections

Maturity Projections

Generate Extended Quantities

Extended Quantities

ICON - Check table Structure

Check Structure


ICON - Open help file


ICON - Open User Preferences Form


ICON - Open 'About' Pop-up


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