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Bold Rows

This function allows you to bold the text in each cell that is a parent.  This function makes it easier to see the structure in your table.   

Step 1: Select cells in the columns that you would like to 'Bold'.  In this example, cells in columns B, C, and I have been selected, which is equivalent to selecting the entire columns. 

Example Table - before Bold - Select columns

Step 2: Click on the 'Bold Rows' button.

Example Table - Before Bold - Click

Result: Text in the selected columns is now Bold for levels that are parents.  

Example Table After Bold

If you would like to 'Un-Bold' select the any cell in the desired column and click the 'Bold Rows' button.

In this example, column "I" has been selected.

Example Table - before UnBold - Select columns

Result: Text in the selected column is no longer bold.

In this example, the cells in column "I" are no longer bold.

Example Table After UnBold
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