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About the creators:

Our Time Saving Excel Add-in was developed by engineers who know the challenges of managing data and love the elegance of a well structured spreadsheet.   We have been on engineering and manufacturing teams that build submarines, ships, armored vehicles, military and commercial aircraft, as well as medical components.  We've seen a spreadsheet or two.  We know the importance of accurate and timely analyses.  These tools can help you save time, minimize pesky mistakes, and have confidence in the results.  

Why waste time manually writing rollup equations and risk human error.  Generate Rollup equations automatically.

Why spend precious time navigating large bills of material using the scroll bar.  Group rows automatically and make BOM navigation more intuitive.  Make the table structure more visible, easier to navigate.  

You too can wow your colleagues and become the spreadsheet rock-stars with Mainsheet Solutions BOM Tools Suite. 


You're a few clicks away from better spreadsheets, better analysis, better decisions, better service for your customers, and better business.  We're firm believers that a few clicks in a spreadsheet can help make the world a better place.

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