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Filter Tool

The filter Tool has Basic and Advanced Functionality.

The Basic Filter Tool will delete entire rows if it can find an exact match with the filter term.

Example Table and Basic Filter Input Form

Step 1: Select a column to filter.  A single cell is sufficient to select the entire column.

Step 2: Enter a filter term

Step 3: Select 'Filter Table'

In this example, the 'Part Number' column, column 'F' has been selected and the filter term is 'd'.

Example Table and Filter Input Form with term 'd'

A warning will appear, confirming whether to proceed.

The basic filter will permanently delete filtered rows.

Filter Tool Deletion Warning  - Pop-Up

Advanced filter options can be utililzed by selecting the "Show Advanced Options" button. The form will expand to show the additional functionality.


Step 1: Select Filter Type

There are two Advanced Filter Types.

  • Filter Terms

  • Duplicates

The first type, 'Filter Terms' is similar to the Basic Filter and allows the user to enter one or more filter terms to use at the same time.  

The second type, 'Duplicates' allows the user to eliminate any item in the selected column that is a duplicate.  The result is a list of unique items in the selected column. The user also has the option of skipping the deletion of the first duplicate.  

Advanced Filter Input Form - Filter Terms Type

Step 2: Select Options

The first Option 'Delete', will delete the entire row of every item matching the filter term(s).

The second option is to merely 'Hide' the rows matching the filter term(s), 

The third option is to 'Highlight' rows matching the filter terms.  Matches will be highlighted in magenta.

Advanced Filter Tool - Input Form - Option 'Delete'

Step 3: Add Custom Filter

Enter the customer filter in the text box as shown, where 'd' has been entered.  

Step 4:  Add Item to List

Select the '>' button next to the custom filter text box. 

Step 5:  Execute Filter

Select the 'Filter Table' button at the bottom right of the form.

Advanced Filter - Add Custom Filter 'd'
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