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Option: Table Range Preference

BOM Tools can usually find the table in the sheet, however it can sometimes get confused if there is more than one table in a sheet.  The tool can ask the user to validate the range before proceeding.  If this is found to be an unnecessary step, the user can opt out by unchecking the checkbox.

User Preferences - Options Tab
Anchor 3 Pref Form

Option: Maturity Uncertainty Parameters


The uncertainties associated with Maturity projections  can be adjusted here for each level of maturity.  The "+" and "-" factors can be adjusted for your project and saved in the user preference file.

User Preferences Form - Maturity Uncertainty Parameters
MaturityUncertainty on Preferences page

Option: Top Level Limit

Most Bills of material tree up to a single top level.  However there are some rare scenarios when more than one top level can exist. Use this check box to allow this scenario.

User Preferences - Options Tab

Option: Preferred Number of Header Rows

Some tables use more than one row for column titles.  Users can select their preference here.  This parameter is used in the function which locates the table in the spreadsheet and determines its extents.

Color Preferences:
Current Table Format

When this form is opened, the spreadsheet is examined to see if there is a pattern to any formatting with respect to the structure level.  If the existing table already utilizes a color format, the tool can associate the colors with the structure level.  In the case depicted to the right, only three rows had color formatting.  If colors were detected they can be saved as user preferences by clicking the "Edit Colors" option and then the button on the lower right of the form.

Preferences Color - Current Table

Color Preferences:
User Preferences

The second option shows the your preferences.  

In this example, only the top three levels have been defined.

Preferences Color - User preferences

Color Preferences:
Default Colors

The default colors are shown to the right.  Each level has a unique color and adjacent levels are further distinguished by differing values of darker, lighter, darker, etc.  These values can not be modified, however the default values can be saved as the user preferences and subsequently modified using the scroll bars as noted above.  

Preferences Color - Default Colors

Color Preferences:
Preset Color Themes

Color themes may be selected from the dropdown or the up/down arrows.  Iterations of the colors within a theme may be viewed with the scroll bar.  These themes are based on the color themes found in MS Office. 

Once a preferred color theme has been selected it can be saved by selecting the "Save As Preferences" button.

Preferences Color - Presets

Color Preferences:
Edit Mode

Colors may be adjusted using the slide bars and/or the 'No Fill' Check boxes.  The color of each level may be adjusted by selecting the desired level.  Once all the colors have been adjusted the user may click 'Save As Preferences'.  This allows them to use the adjusted color scheme later.  

Preferences Color - Edit
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