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Check for Duplicates

This function allow you to identify all duplicate line items, highlight them, and obtain a count.

Consider the table to the right, that may have some duplicates.

Example Table - Prior to Check for Duplicates

After clicking the 'Check for Duplicates' function, the following pop-up appears which allows the user to select the column that they would like to check.

The left/right arrows may be used or the drop-down menu to select the desired column.

Check for Duplicates Form - Select Column

Once the search is complete, a summary dialog appears noting the total number of items that have duplicate values in the column.

There is an check box option to highlight these duplicates in their own colors.  The duplicates will be highlighted once the form is closed.

Check for Duplicates Form after check with count of instances

All duplicate items are highlighted in their own color.

Example Table - After check for duplicates with difference duplicates highlighted in their own color
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